How much does a wedding photographer think?

How is a wedding photo born? I mean a good wedding photography, not any one. How much is spontaneous and how much is staged?

I already imagine the various debates on this issue. Who is on the side of spontaneity and who on the part of the study. Whoever says that if he is not spontaneous is not beautiful and who says it is indispensable to avoid casualty!

They are only opinions, there is no right and wrong. There are, however, pallets. What is indispensable in all disciplines, including photography, is technical knowledge. That knowledge that is matched with practice and allows us to grasp spontaneity immediately. This kind of photography is able to transmit great emotions, to make us revive the moments.

I believe that the time it takes to organize and schedule a shot is inversely proportional to the experience: more the photographer has experience and lesser will be the time it takes to understand the scene and be ready to take the picture.

There are surely photographers who demonstrate great talent and can reduce the time it takes to reach large levels but also the most gifted needs to study and make experience.

When we see a picture in which the subjects seem comfortable and have some happy and spontaneous expressions, it is because the wedding photographer has in his “baggage” a large number of already experienced situations and a wealth of technical information to be removed very quickly. Whatever the situation is with the wedding photographer, you have to be able to get a good picture. Things like this can be very complicated but with the smile and without tension that could spoil the atmosphere with the couple, they will be able to find a solution.

Never and ever the wedding photographer will make you participate in his technical difficulties, you may worry and lose the necessary care … a photographic portrait is the result of teamwork: the photographer + portrait subject!