How important is speed?

Today I came across the blog of Settimio Benedusi, which is not a wedding photographer but a fashion photographer and portraitist well known and established. He spoke of the execution speed of the photo shoot. It showed how he can get a great picture even with a few clicks.

It made me think. Also for the wedding photographer it is important to be fast, very often we are crushed by the organization of the fast-paced wedding and we can not afford to dwell in our photo sessions. At other times the couple, especially men, are little patients. The poses and the portrait sessions generally bores them, they prefer to be with their friends rather than with the photographer.

Here you create a new need, learn how to get great pictures in no time. Yes, it is important to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve from the photos you are going to do.

For a wedding album is enough10 portraits of couples. How long it takes for 10 portraits worth mentioning that it can be used?

There is no exact answer to this question, the factors are many: the character of the photographer, the availability of the couple, the inspiration of the moment and contingencies.

One of the skills that I found myself as innate, without having to look for, it is the speed. Sometimes it might seem hectic, but it is not. When I start working, especially in portrait sessions, my brain working at double speed and without even realizing it, I can do the scanning of the scene and find the idea to photograph subjects. I am fortunate to see the light and the background of photography before deciding where I will … that by then the picture comes out very quickly, just place the subject in the right way and everything comes out as if by magic.

Also with regard to the deliveries I’m lucky to be fast enough … but that’s just a fact of organization, but we’ll discuss in another article.