When talking about wedding photography is something different

Talking about the wedding photographer’s job might be boring. Not because marriages are boring, in fact, but to find new and exciting topics is not always easy.

Keeping a blog like this one that focuses mainly on non-technical wedding photography has stimulated me a lot. Speaking to other photographers would lead me to talk about technique and aspects related to photography as the main subject.

Addressing couples of future spouses and other industry professionals (especially wedding planners) has stimulated me to find those topics that are sometimes taken for granted.

Anyone who does a highly creative job does not realize the many things he does and how interesting his profession might be if he or she simply explained to those who do not know it. Mostly when he or she needs or wishes to approach on it.

To a couple of future spouses, most likely, it is much less interesting to know which lens or opening I made a certain photo. I think it is much more interesting for them, to know the story behind the picture. Telling anecdotes, for example, is a different way to make blog articles interesting.

Also explain how our work is developing, what’s behind the picture, why a certain gesture or a certain cut. What does the photographer do for them when he is not photographing them. Many other little things that, from the point of view of those who have been doing this for so long, may seem inebriated in vain.

I do not like to take anything for granted, just as I do not like overwhelming the details. I love the stories of people and that is why I love to tell my stories. The wedding photographer is a figure who joins a family life at a very important moment. Maybe it will be a short parenthesis but his work will stay with that family forever, that’s why I think it’s important to let me know and my work … my way of interpreting this craft!