When the emotions come to the heart …

I was so impressed with the emotions tried tonight that I want to talk about it today even if it has nothing to do with my job of wedding photographer.

At Christmas, Santa Claus gave Alice two tickets for the Giorgia concert. The Roman singer whose my daughter Alice and I are fan. The concert would be held in Padua at the Kioene Arena.

Well here’s just chronicle, Alice asked me to accompany her to the concert so we organized a weekend in Padua during which we would have time to enjoy the show.

I had never seen any Giorgia live performances. I did not know what to expect, what kind of concert would be and above all I had no idea what it meant to hear it live.

In the discs I obviously heard myriad times her songs and her talents were clear but live was a tsunami of emotions …

The beginning was something devastating … just started singing I got the chills and I just could not hold back a tear. I’ve never felt such an emotion by listening to a concert. Yet in my life, I have been here many times to attend live concerts. For many years I worked as a photographer of shows and still being passionate about music I have lived many times the experience of the stage.

What I felt last night with the song Vanità, the first of the concert was amazing … feeling these emotions is just a good experience. Even though with the progress of the concert I got used to her voice never dropped the level of emotion and involvement … with the song “come saprei” I was again excited so much that Alice noticed that and said to me: daddy , you have your eyes glossy …

emozionando… sempre più

all of these pictures (except the cover – official picture) are shotted by my daughter Alice