What kind of light?

When you talk to photography, intrinsically, you talk about light. And what light prefers to use the wedding photographer?

The natural light, the sun, is always the best but for best results it is important to know it well and manage it in the most appropriate to the situation.

Speaking of light we always think that more is always better. In fact, even in this case, quality is more important than quantity. So many poor light will not allow us to get some good pictures, in contrast beautiful little light allow us to get some great pictures.

For me, when I realize a photo session, I prefer to start from the shadows and go in search of light. Hardly you will see me bring the bride and groom under the strong sun of the middle of the day. If you can not wait the hours before sunset, when the sun is warm and soft, then it is better to go in the shade … For this Venice is a fantastic place, at any time of day the wedding photographer is able to find the best situations. Arcades, narrow streets and tall buildings that form interesting shadow cones are the solution to all lighting conditions.

If you need why not use some illuminator? The flash used creatively is definitely a great ally. Let us take off from the mind the idea of ​​the flash attached to the camera and shot without checking on the subject. There are many other ways to exploit it, especially with the technology we have available today.

Speaking of technology, LED illuminators are a very interesting solution. They are small and light objects that we can bring in the bag but very efficient with long battery life. The LED illuminator can be of various shapes and sizes. The most interesting are the panels with many LEDs (like small bulbs) that produce a very soft light suitable for portrait photography and night sessions.

In conclusion, there is not a light better than another, there are situations and the wedding photographer will choose the most suitable to get the desired results. Get creative!