Before wedding

A few days before the big event do not forget to call the photographer, even though every wedding photographer does not expect to be reminded of you. For me, it’s an important thing, like checking the equipment, charging the batteries, formatting the cards, and checking that everything works perfectly.

Making a phone call to the spouses to check each detail is crucial. As far as we can be all over and over and over again everything we have agreed to, a phone call will make us feel more serene.

The spouses will find the tranquility of not having to worry about the photographer, he is there and clearly shows the day. Even in case of neglect by the bride and groom, he will remember the salient moments of the day.

For the wedding photographer, however, a review of all the details and moments is important for working quietly. Especially a few days before marriage when the bride has the certainty of the makeup and hairdresser’s timetables, and both have agreed every detail with the catering. What’s left to do? Nothing, dive into the melee and have fun. The wedding day is unrepeatable, the couple must enjoy it without any concern.

If you have thought of some particular image or some photo to do with relatives and / or friends, this phone call is the ideal time to tell at the photographer. It will be much easier for me to remember all the details and make a list of the important person with whom you want a photograph.

On the wedding day, you or someone of your trust will need to help me identify the people you have shown me so that I can arrange the shots you requested.

Finally let’s not forget to check the portraiture session. Surely we have already agreed on it but with the weather forecasts we will be able to confirm the agreements or study a plan B in case things are changed.

Maybe we’ll spend 15 minutes for this chat, but it will be minutes spent well!