Prepare a sample

After I’ve renewed the album catalog, which you will soon see online on this site, I decided to prepare samples, that is, printed albums to give you the chance to touch the work of wedding photographers with your hands.

Where do you go from? I started from a basic decision: which album to prepare. As for the traditional ones I chose to make an album with the linen cover and sheets in cotton paper while for the photo books I will prepare what will be the new-entry, the fusion. This is a large album: 40x30cm. The peculiarity of this album is that it has thin pages, just like a book and not as big as we are used to seeing in albums and in photo books.

This solution brings with it the advantage of inserting many photographs. You will have the story of your wedding no longer with only 80-100 photographs but with 150-200 and the thickness of the book will remain very small. It is also very nice to browse, and the printing is of the highest quality with excellent color rendering.

Making this choice is the time to decide how to fill it up, because the most important thing is always photography, without a good picture the album remains just a set of paper and cloth. I opted for a selection of images that I like most from those taken at the weddings of 2016 and this beginning of 2017.

A “the best of” usually celebrates a career and I celebrate 10 years of wedding photography this year, so I would say it is. I did not make a 10-year excursion because the time it took to get rid of 10-year back-ups would have been really a lot and, at the beginning of the season, it’s impossible for the wedding photographer to find it.

After finishing the selection, the paging phase is reached. The choice has fallen on a very simple layout, one picture per page. Nonetheless, I’ve been struggling to choose the sequence.

In short, even preparing a sample has its complications, the sample is intended to show our work and can not be underestimated.