Pictures of your wedding…

I found on various sites and blogs that deal with marriage some tips to brides about the wedding photographs. I refer to something that is beginning to be widely used, ie the list of photographs that  you want the photographer will do. At first glance I thought that they talk about of photos with relatives and / or friends, those photos that inevitably all marriages we are required to do. On this point I think it is important spouses tell me, during the interview, if they want some photos with specific people who take particular; even though I believe this type of photography dispersive: if the photographer and the couple are engaged in making photos with relatives, most likely, you will lose the moments of reception that could be more interesting.

Unfortunately, these sites do not relate to this type of photography, refer to the photographs of the couple, thus those that are normally exclusive competence of the wedding photographer. If we think about it, the photographer is chosen by spouses according to the images that they could see on the website or in the book that were presented during the talks. These images are part of the portfolio and style of the photographer, and this style is just what the bride and groom have chosen. This is a very important point to keep in mind. Trust the photographer is a good way to get an excellent result. From click to the packaging of the album, through the selection of the photographs are the skills of the photographer, they are the same as spouses have been able to appreciate during the talks. If the book that you have seen at the photographer you liked and you want a job of that quality, because they ask him to do more? Interference of this kind often ail the photographer who will not be in position to give the best of themselves.

Added to this is also a more technical. The photographer has the preparation and experience to evaluate the type of “posing” as to hold the individuals, each different on the basis of physical characteristics of everybody. Taking Pictures “prepackaged”, as suggested by these sites, and wanting to play them is in serious danger of getting images absolutely inappropriate and awkward subjects.

Even for photographs, as for all other supplies, to trust the professional selected and allow him to express himself better you will get significantly better results.