Why choose Glauco Comoretto – wedding photographer Italy

On the blog of many photographers and about as many associations pages and portals dedicated to the spouses you can find the handbook to choose the wedding photographer.

So why make another? In fact, it would make no sense! This article has absolutely no ambition to explain how to choose the right photographer for you. With this article I just want to talk about my skills and characteristics in order to give the “identikit” of my ideal client or better, identify pairs that I’m the right photographer for them. Without taking myself too seriously I try to explain what I do.

First we start from the first contacts. I am not a wedding photographer who likes to do the “pleaser” with customers. The contacts will always be respectful interlocutor without becoming too “friendly.” I love the cordial relations and not too formal but not to exceed the limit that among people who have just met I find inconvenient overcome.

Your wedding day will be equally respectful: follow the dress-code that we will agree and will never be intrusive. Even in the most intimate moments, such as the dressing of the bride, my eye will always be discreet and elegant. The free vulgarity and excesses are not part of my photography.

The reports suggest that it is always very delicate, more attention to the beauty and elegance. A photograph always on tiptoe. As my presence, will be continue but silent. Obviously I do not have the gift of invisibility but I’ll move and behave in order to blend in with the guests and fall within the context of your wedding without attracting attention.

During the portrait sessions I will be completely at your disposal. I will dedicate myself heart and soul to get the best possible pictures and ask you all the availability you will want to give me. The good portrait needs that too. We will decide together how much time to devote to this stage of the photo shoot and always will get the maximum. They will never be boring sessions. I will not ask never to stand still motionless, will be quite a relaxing and fun time … when we’ll see the pictures we consider that time well spent!

Finally delivery. By now most of the customers want to digital delivery. Therefore I will deliver through the cloud service, the service images within maximum 30 days of marriage.

For photo printing admirers I propose album made by Italian artisans on which your photographs will be mounted. The print will be managed by the staff of my studio as well as assembly and packaging of the album. I like to call myself a craftsman.

From this year it is also possible to combine the photographic analogue service. In addition to digital photographs, I will shoot for you a series of film photographs. The real black and white in a series of fine-art prints with magical flavor and a touch of vintage.

This is my way of presenting the photos from the wedding. If you are planning your wedding and you feel that your tastes meet my style might fill in the form and tell me how you envision your wedding … the rest will come.