Why do not I sign my pictures?

I am sure that the thing you do not notice, but if I ask that you’ll probably think: it is true, Glauco is a wedding photographer who does not sign his images. Now the answer in title is definitely born! Probably you are looking for a reason related to your experience with me.

Well I’ll tell you now why! I still do a little example, ie, I do not think that the wedding photographers are exactly the artists. Creativity is needed to wedding photography but the artist is the one who “creates” no commission or that, in case of commission, can create what his inspiration he also suggests if it is not within the tastes and needs of the customer; so very different from what is a photographer in marriage. Having said that I think that the signature on the images with watermark is terribly ugly. It is a disturbing element that you just can not see. A second reason is that I find something from “amateurs.” For an amateur photographer does not mean that living in photography but doing it for passion, has a somewhat different photography and a “signature” for him is an important thing. For us professionals signing the signature is not very necessary. Prevent “ruby” us pictures is practically impossible therefore start with an easily erasable stamp serves no purpose. Are much more useful tools for tracing their own images if you have this fear. Many in the sector: wedding planner, wedding designer, wedding bloggers etc etc. know our pictures almost as much as us and if someone else is present to them with our images is proven wrong even before we know it.

Another aspect that often comes place is advertising: if the wedding planner or floral designer uses my images, with the signature I also know about me … well, I’ll let you something I learned with the experience 😉  the customer visit the website of another provider it is because interested in that service and is in no way conditioned by the name on the photograph, even if it is still in search of the photographer for your wedding, has certainly already a strategy to find and pursue that.

Finally on by … let’s be serious, but we believe it essential to having to sign our pictures?

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