Because wedding photography is not it?

A question that every wedding photographer will spot it: because wedding photography is not considered fine art photography?

It photographs on commission such as fashion photography or reportage and many other field. Yet these exhibitions of photographic genres will be organized while many wedding photography rarely.

A few years ago Carlo Carletti, a wedding photographer in Tuscany, managed to publish a book, a retrospective of his production of wedding photographs. Photos of the weddings is the title of the book. Following this publication, even the images of his exhibitions have been organized.

But apart from this example very interesting, no wedding photographer has never been able to enjoy the same treatment. Not that it lacks the quality, especially in Italy there are many examples of excellence in the field of wedding photography.

Because a gallery never considers wedding photographers? Probably for most factors. The thought that is a photographic genre not interesting for visitors of exhibitions and museums may be the first reason. Then, needless to hide behind a finger, wedding photography is still considered  photography of series B.

It carries the legacy of the past, the reputation of a poor quality photography has not left the wedding photography. We talked a lot about how this reputation is undeserved today. The wedding photography has grown enormously reaching levels of excellence that surely no one could predict.

So what’s missing for it to be re-evaluated? Do not I love to find the faults in external factors, and so I tried to look inside the class to try to give an answer to this difficult question. The wedding photographer has tended to be individualistic. They don’t make team and individually it is very hard to have the strength to propose your production to circuits not know each other well.

We caught the quality of imagines, sooner or later also reach the maturity to make the group, communicate our potential even to those who do not know us!