Talking again about albums

     Where will go the pictures of wedding photographer? In pre-digital era was obvious,  they were printed and mounted on an album. Today that is much less evident. The new technologies given to the wedding photographer other possibilities. Digital devices and cloud-services have changed the photographer’s job. Today is most important the value of the photographic-service than the album. I’m agree with this concept, the photographer’s skill is to shoot wonderful pictures and make them enjoyable on every kind of support! With that I don’t mean the print and album isn’t important. On that I thought a lot and evaluate the options available on the market; here you are my analyse:

     My work of study and research is voted to the improvement and the unicity of the service. I like when couple choose me because they see something of personal and unique in my pictures. I don’t like to work in chain and to shoot tens of weddings all equals. That collides with the choose of buy albums manufactured in chain from big factories. A big factory can place high technologies for manufacture high-quality albums but it have to produce big quantities for cope with costs. Thanks that fact, you can find its product everywhere and all wedding photographers can propose them. My choose is to realise a craft-made album. I selected an expert crafter that can manufacture albums on my design with his great skills. I personally print the photos (or pages for photobooks) of your wedding and mount them on these albums. Just a great love and passion can do that. The wedding album will be a handwork, completely crafts, with refined taste, very different from cold industrial productions.