Everyone its light …

In recent years, as wedding photographer in Udine i work less and less, for various reasons and for the type of services offered, which I happen to be committed to customers outside the region earlier than in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

For this reason, now when I photograph weddings in Udine, I feel thrilled. Not only because it is my land and then, although I love immensely Venice, Tuscany, Lake Como and the Amalfi coast, is my land but because as a result of its geographical position, the light in this region is different. You may wonder what I mean, how it is different: well rationally is impossible to say yet the colors and the “strength” of the sunlight in Udine is different than Venice or Florence and Rome. I dare say that is a bit more complicated to interpret, and much more suited to black and white, while not having the great contrasts of light Sicilian.
Perhaps it is perceptible only to the eye of the photographer, or perhaps with a little attention can notice it all because it creates an atmosphere a little different, almost from countries of northern Europe. Just move 100km and these delicate atmosphere with these delicate colors are lost in heat advantage and strength as in central and south Italy.
This is one of the reasons why I would like to be celebrated more luxurious weddings in Friuli, because the atmosphere is very suitable for refined events that can afford to transform into elegance even the culinary traditions of this magnificent land.
About the beauty of the views and location has nothing to envy to the most renowned and well-known regions. Probably I continue to do a few weddings in Udine but those few I will always do with great enthusiasm!


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