Not only for business

My profession of wedding photographer and portrait photographer is not only a job but also a passion. It could not be otherwise, the sacrifices it requires and the profuse amount of energy compared to the financial results mean that without the passion you might not be a photographer.

This preamble to introduce a small job done together with my daughter at this carnival. Like all dads, super in love with their daughters, even I have the desire to keep as a souvenir a photograph of all the masks of Alice. So, every year we take an afternoon to play at the pictures with the costume.

This year he decided to dress up as a pirate! Yes, it seems a bit unusual for a girl, really knew how to make it very feminine. I appreciated that the costume is completely made by her catching various clothing here and there. I do not know what it is but I think inspired the TV series “once upon a time” in which it appears Mila, the girl of Captain Hook … I will not dwell on this story otherwise the pages of this blog may not be enough.

The photographs of Alice born to play, to do something fun together but eventually you end up trying to do things right and yesterday we tried to play the character with a little of expression and the use of hand movement … here you can see three portraits of my pirate!