Not only reportage, that’s why!

A few days ago, I exposed my “theory” on the artistic movement of the wedding photographer. On that occasion I also explained that the photographic style that I’ve embraced is the fusion. Fusion is actually not a genre, it’s a word that means union and I use to define the use of multiple genres. But why so complicate your life? Choose to be shot for marriage in more styles is certainly not a choice of convenience. The risk of hurting everyone is high, and wanting to do it well it takes a lot of effort and training.

So the reason why I chose to complicate my life is you! In long nights to ponder the wedding photographs I realized that the bride and groom who rely on me like the story of the day but not enough, are people also looking for something more. They seek beauty.

Being my photojournalistic extraction have started from reportage to have a solid base that would allow me to introduce ourselves to build my own personal style. If I do only reportage, they would of fantastic images that tell the marriage with very spontaneous moments but do not guarantee the beauty of the subjects. A bride puts a lot of effort and work to choose all the details for her wedding, especially the hairstyle, makeup and the gown; and it would be improper not to value this work with some images that do the right value.

So, I decided to also study the portrait and photography for fashion so as to be able to join various kinds and to have an album that contains the story of the day but also of the portraits in which is given on the beauty of the bride and groom . I learned through experience that in addition to the study and diligence there is another necessary ingredient: time, for portrait sessions is indispensable calm but the rest is just a small sacrifice, because I believe that everyone enjoys seeing beautiful in photography …