We never hear …

… Or, at least very little, to talk about the bridegroom! A wedding photographer does not overlook any detail, let alone the groom. Sometimes the groom’s preparations are not photographed because men do not like to be photographed in those moments, so politely decline the “advances” of the professional wedding photographer. Other times even the groom is immortalized during its preparation and just at that moment that you order established a relationship of trust between husband and photographer. At a time when the witnesses help him with the twins and tie, of all present forms a bit ‘of camaraderie and what until recently seemed a stranger who wanted to get our facts, immediately becomes one of the group .

Very often the groom’s dress is a simple and elegant fine suit, dark colored (blue or gray) for day weddings or a tuxedo in case of evening wedding (the tuxedo is the evening dress of man). The gown details groom are no less important than those of the bride gown, perhaps less obvious but no less important. For a wedding photographer no one detail is too small and no one gesture is insignificant … The moment when his friend checks that the groom is dressed up and there are no imperfections has a lot of value, is the moment when the friend shows to keep us and those little touches that make great friendships.

Photographs taken at these times are, perhaps, less widely used for photo shoots but remain in the heart because they tell a very important moment.

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