Getting around Venice: three inspirations

Another post that comes from my wedding photographer in Venice job. As everyone knows, there are no roads in Venice as we used to think of them as normal and as a result there are no cars. The spouses who opt for Venice as their wedding location won three modes much more fascinating shift of classic vintage car or horse-drawn carriage. In this article we will see what are the three ways to get around in Venice along with the possibilities they offer.

The first and most classic way to get around Venice definitely the gondola. The gondola is certainly the most romantic way but at the same the most “touristic” way. The gondola cradle the newlyweds and gives him the first moments of relaxation after the ceremony. Of course, the wedding photographer should become familiar with this medium but you shouldn’t worry about this.

Rent a motorboat or a venetian “lancia” is certainly the most “VIP” option. It will give your photos more movement and will be ideal if you have to carry more people.

And if you decide to move to just walk through the streets and fields taking advantage of every angle and every view that Venice offers? Enjoying the faces of the people who are watching you and giving your photographer the opportunity to realize a wedding reportage?

And how are you going to move during your wedding in Venecie? Whatever option you will choose I can be your wedding photographer with utmost professionalism and attention to detail. This is the best time to ask for a quote, free and not binding