Torcello and Mazzorbo, another wonderful face of Venice …

There is a skinned Venice, elegant and charming, the one that I have shown you as a wedding photographer many times. But there is such a beautiful one to which it is easy to fall in love with which I have spoken a lot less.

The destination wedding is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating branches of wedding photography. We have the opportunity to see and know places and, above all, very different people.

Claire and Gianmaria live in Lyon. Both of Italian origin but now resident in France. Just in Lyon they met but for their most beautiful day they decided to bring friends and relatives in Venice.

In a part of Venice’s less famous but not less fascinating lagoon. The charm of Mazzorbo, the place of the reception and Torcello, the place of the ceremony, certainly leave no indifference. In Burano, known for lace and colored houses, we gave a few minutes for a couple of portraits. Burano and Mazzorbo are connected by a pedestrian bridge, strolling through the alleys of these islands, you breathe positive, quiet feelings. The silence only broken by the singing of the seagulls and the swirling of the waves of the sea, gives a feeling of peace that rarely can be enjoyed in the liveliness of everyday life.

Claire and Gianmaria are a wonderful and in love couple. I have been with them with very exciting moments. A couple I was very good with. Venissa, the location of the reception, is a very interesting place. By the sea and with a wonderful garden where you can enjoy the outdoor moments. The brick-made interior makes the room very welcoming where the guests have enjoyed throwing themselves in unbridled dances at the beginning of the evening.

I hope I can still work in this part of the Venice lagoon, but if it does not happen to me, it is certainly one of the places I’ll spend some of my spare time …