Why is so cool to work in Venice as wedding photographer

If there is one thing that make me happy, it’s to work as a wedding photographer in Venice. If you saw my portfolio where they collected several gallery made in Venice, you may think that the reason why I am happy to work in Venice, is the fact that it is a beautiful city and it basically preparing immortalized marriages has apparently requested a great care for the details. But the reasons are many more!

The first reason is that Venice also attracts foreign spouses who decide to make Venice the frame of their wedding. Working with non-Italian tourists allows to a wedding photographer” traini to be versatile. Versatile in style, versatile with respect to different wedding traditions, versatile even just with respect to communication in English.

The second reason is that in Venice I can see me in front of marriages also do not necessarily Catholics. Venice fact is chosen by many foreign spouses also for the opportunity, through specific places of worship also celebrate ceremonies, Christian Protestant, Jewish, and so on.

In the third measure offers a vary of contexts so wide and varied that any marriage made in Venice will be a success. Crowded or underwear, extra chic or romantic. Just look at the gallery to see what I’m talking about. Different places for the ceremonies,

If you are planning your winter wedding in the lagoon does not hesitate to give me a quote request as a wedding photographer in Venice, I will be pleased to meet you.