Make it Black&White

Nowadays the wedding photographer has great possibilities. Digital photography not only allows us to take more photographs and carry them much more easily, but also allows us to decide after what images should be in color and which are in black and white . Except in very rare cases, the cameras produce images that contain a lot of information, including the colors. We are no longer forced to decide during shooting what image we want in color or in black and white which, as happened with analog photography, the editing programs today allow us to make this choice in post-production. Today I wanted to do a post a bit as “nerd”, I wanted to show you the method that I use to convert an image to black and white, from raw files coming off the camera. Today there are more innovative and faster ways than what I use but since I love to deliver the impeccable work, I continue to do my black & white photos with Photoshop® and the command “calculations”. In this way I am able to better control all tones and values ​​and to make sure that the black and white is of excellent quality. I made a little video slightly sped up so as not to bore you too much