The right time

Have you ever wondered why the wedding photographer sometimes asks you to wait some time before the portraying session while in other times hurts you? In fact, this detail I try to take care of in the interview phase so that wedding spouses and wedding planners can handle it in the best way.

Hours of the day are not all the same for photographs, there are better moments and moments less well known.

The main element for good photography is the light and the best moments are shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. At these times the rays of the sun are very inclined, the sun is low on the horizon and hence the light has a very precise direction. Moreover, at those hours the light is much less strong, it creates shades that are softer that due to the inclination will also be very long. Finally the color, at sunrise and at sunset, the color of sunlight is much warmer than in the central hours. Here is one of the best moments of the day.

Even the night has its peculiarities. The blue hour appears shortly after sunset and just before . The sky is very bright blue because the rays of the sun can not be seen directly but give a little glow to illuminate the sky.

This (in the evening) is best for night photographs. The sky is not black as it is at night and our images will have a touch of magic.

In organizing the portraits session I like to explain these aspects to decide together what moment or moments to take advantage of. Especially since my wedding photographer in Venice I learned how to handle these aspects in advance so that I can work with the calm it need to take great photo portraits.

The right time is another important ingredient of good photography.