The look

You know, the eyes are able to communicate much more than the mouth … for a wedding and portrait photographer are a magical item! A door on the emotions of the people portrayed. Just learning to read the looks you can put in the photographs the moods of people.

In reportage trying to avoid the gaze of the subject is facing the lens in order to give the idea of ​​being a storyteller “invisible”. In this case you can see the interaction between people or between the portrayed person and an object … take for example the bride with her bouquet; for she is not a simple “flower deck” but it is the bouquet of her marriage, it is magic and if we photographers the bride with downcast eyes watching it, or worse, that smells it, we would lose what for her is strong emotion. I learned quickly to ask the brides to look at the bouquet to enjoy it, to appreciate every detail and be carried away by the magical emotion of the moment without worrying about what I would have done at that moment … here the photographs have gotten deeper and the look It allowed me to see what she was feeling at that moment.

For the portrait photographer, unlike the photojournalist, the eye is a conversation between photographer and subject. Ask to look toward the lens and feel a bit in silence, leaving the scene for emotions, they get some pictures that tell not only the aesthetic beauty but also the emotional subject of the portrait.

My way of photographing blends both styles and look in the eyes of the essence of marriage: love!