Light: natural or artificial as long as beautiful!

Everyone knows that in photography the light is the most important element. Also for the wedding photographer it is the ingredient that makes the difference. But not enough that there is, indeed, if I have to choose between so many “bad” light or little “beautiful” light, I prefer the second situation. But what is meant by good or bad? Well… is not easy to explain in words, but what I mean by beautiful light is that light that allows me to tell atmosphere.

I happened to hear me say that very often in the days of overcast sky, the light is better for photographs … that I am not completely agree with this statement. It is true that the sky is overcast the exposure and shooting is easier, since we do not run any risk and the whole scene is illuminated in the same way. But this situation give a little character at the photography. On the contrary, many think that the backlight is a wrong situation, I will exalt me ​​with backlight, precisely because of the difficulty of understanding and management of this situation does not allow me to get discounted images.

The side light is and remains the preferred light for photographers. Especially if we are in an interior with large spaces and large windows to allow an optimal management of the same. Natural light creates chiaroscuro right that three-dimensionality of the subject and character to the scene. Why that, it was the light that the great painters of the 1600 -1700 reproduced in their paintings.

Even artificial light, or that generated by lamps can be very interesting. We photographers, in case of need, with our illuminators can recreate the idea of ​​light that we have in mind. But in marriage, even the light that the light-designer has thought for bright furniture or for dancing is very often used to bring back the magic of those atmospheres.

Light you could talk for hours but I prefer to leave you with some pictures rather than too many words …