The emotion runs on the pages

Last night I delivered an album to a married couple. And you say, but that’s strange? You are a wedding photographer.

Yes it is true, there is nothing strange, I do it very often. But I want to tell you about last night just to tell you about the fantastic and exciting moment is the album delivery. In particular, those albums that are still quite a surprise. In the various options that I propose, it is a chance to leave me the freedom to choose the pictures for your wedding-book. In this case, the album will be something completely new for you, you will see for the first time photographs of your wedding when they leaf through your albums. Emotions and joy all together, page by page. Awesome if we meet in my office, wonderful if I come to take it home … in your love nest.

Of course if you live far away there I send it by express courier and emotion to live alone, I will lose my time but you will still be an unforgettable experience. Then when you return in the coming years through the album, in addition to the emotions of the day that are contained within it, also you will relive this unique moment of the first time …

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