Like the TV series …

In this period are very popular TV series. There are dedicated channels and also I’m immersed. The thing that I am very pleased to note that the quality of the new TV series has grown considerably compared to many years ago, back were productions at low cost and as a result, very often, low level. Today I saw a big jump especially in the study of light and shooting, as well as all part of postproduction. I am convinced that much of this innovation is about the digital technology. Now it become a mature subject and allows a much higher quality.

The same can certainly be said of the wedding photographer and photographers in general. The digital switchover has upset the cards, initially created great confusion and research. Search both by the photographers who by the camera manufacturers and software for the management of the same. The logical consequence was the birth of many workshops dedicated to the study of these technologies. Today we can consider ourselves mature from a technical point of view, and we are able to move beyond technique to focus again on creativity and vision that everyone has. I never wanted to raise the wedding photographer work to real art but of course, every photographer has his own characteristics, his eye and his taste, as each client has these characteristics; thanks to the great quality that we are now able to give, will allow everyone to find the right photographer for itself.

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