The photos of the guests

It is therefore now the smartphone an era costume. We all have an object in our pocket that can take pictures. I have read several times that the wedding photographer gets impatient because of these objects are too present.

To me, honestly, it’s never happened to find myself in situations where smartphones are getting to the point of creating boredom or discomfort.

I have not developed aversion to these instruments, in fact, I like to consider them objects of common use so even the wedding have their function.

It is not unusual to see even some guests with SLRs and important lens. A photography enthusiast at the wedding of friends or relatives have the feeling to be able to take some interesting photographs.

Do not bother even these guests, in fact I really like the alacrity with which to nourish their passion for photography.

The only advice I give them is to think of it. Whether you spend the day photographing and / or filming everything with your smartphone or bring back your kit SLR never forget that you are at a wedding, an important event for your friends or relatives and even for you. Sometimes to keep up with these tools we forget to live the moment, to have fun and enjoy full of unique moments.

Being a guest at a wedding is to be the well-liked and people with whom the couple want to share a moment. Forget the photographs, there is the professional who was hired to those, to give the newlyweds a tangible reminder of their special day. Make you part of it, you are part of their beautiful memory.

Today with all the tools that social networks and other platforms provide is very easy to let you have that photograph, taken by the wedding photographer, where you seen happy and smiling along with the married couple … it’s much better to live a moment so nice than to share it on a social network!