The queen of the party …

Everyone knows, the real star of the festival is the bride. The wedding photographer is very attentive to this issue, do not neglect any detail, and no person of course, and also very important to the groom, but the bride is the queen of the party! Whether you choose a photographer from wedding reportage style or wedding fashion, attention to the bride will always be at the most. A wedding reportage photographer will stay long time on the preparation and dressing as well as moments linger in the smiles and gestures with the groom, parents and guests, the wedding fashion photographer instead will be very interested on the portrait session before the ceremony and, with the groom,  after. The beauty of the bride and couple will be enhanced by the care and technique. In my case, I ask myself the goal of being able to cover both styles in the same marriage, the focus on the bride is absolute. As a wedding photographer I always avail the help of an assistant, as well as having the task of photographing the details, it helps me in the care and management of the bride: the accommodation of gown, of the veil, and all that is needed for an excellent pictures. Not only during the photo session but also throughout the course of the reception, the bride is the center: Guests will dance much more willingly if the track is the bride and the entire festival is lived very intensely around the bride.

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