Fear of the dark

One of the advantages that digital photography has led to the wedding photographer is the ability to capture the atmosphere of the moment being able to take advantage of natural light and environment even when there is little. In the days of analog photography, film speed was a big problem, and with it there was also the difficulty of choosing the film based on the color temperature. There were not many opportunities to maneuver, you could choose the film for outdoor or indoor. Today, however, the possibilities are much wider and this allows us not only to capture the atmosphere as they arise but also to be less invasive and discreet especially during the church ceremony. I love to exploit the little light that make the hottest atmospheres. Weddings in the evenings, are one of my passions. Of course, very often the darkness is so much and the difficulties in taking good photographs of the still are many. The risk of being wrong focus, make the photo moved or have a lot of “digital noise”, the so-called grain, is very high. But once abandoned the “fear of the dark” that’s beginning to enjoy myself and the darkest situations I find magical atmosphere. Here are some images captured ambient light without the use of additional lights.

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