The wedding date

I think it’s a difficult choice as the wedding date. There are many factors to consider. As one can ponder is almost impossible to match them all.

Among the commitments of the people you would want to invite, availability of suppliers, more suitable time of year and “study” of the weather conditions based on statistics is almost a roulette bet. Of course, the date is something that the couple must first choose for them, because they like it that time of year, or because it is more suitable than the location they have chosen.

And the wedding photographer that? Let’s say that the photographer is a problem for you only if is important the choice of that particular photographer. Of course this is what all the wedding photographers are hoping. Come chosen because it is what the couple want and not for other reasons. For example, for the price or just because what they really preferred is engaged.

Why is it a problem? Because, as just explained, the photographer may be busy on the day of your wedding. The photographer can not do more than one wedding per day. Studies with more photographers may be a solution, but each person is unique as it is every photographer, then again, if you have identified a specific photographer is essential to move in time in order to find it available.

In recent years, couples have begun to shorten the organization of marriage by one year in few months. This greatly reduces the wait and the organization stress but also creates some problems. It is difficult to find the photographer available a few months before the wedding, especially if you choose the weekends.

If a photographer is in demand has committed dates well in advance, which is why it is advisable to book it as soon as possible. Another tip is to avoid weekends. On weekdays it is easier that the wedding photographer will be available.

Despite all this, I am convinced that your marriage you have to celebrate when it suits you best. Then we hope that everything coincides and is also able to have the palace, the catering, the celebrant and the photographer of your dreams … but the most beautiful dream is your love!