Wedding photo-shooting experience

I think the biggest concern of brides and grooms, about the photo-shooting, is the couple-session. Often they see Wedding photographer like a boring person who wants to annoy his subjects, isn’t him? But is that real?
The most common frase I listen from my clients is: we don’t like staged photos! The feeling is the couple is very scared by them. When I ask they: why? Very often the answer is not rational yet something confused and like the boredom. From that the idea the wedding photo-shooting is boring.
Yet these fateful photographs are the reason why you decide to hire a photographer, especially this photographer! Time you spend with the wedding photographer, very often, is a nice moment, relaxant for the couple. The photo session is the moment, of the wedding, where the couple are alone with the photographer (and any assistant), it’s a magical moment.

That’s where the photographer expresses himself telling something of the couple and their marriage, in a way that the speed of the stolen shots you can not do. It is very important that you choose the photographer based on his technical and creative abilities and your tastes, because there will not be a second chance to get the magnificent photographs of your wedding. I want to find a term but it is not so easy to give a definition to this experience, I like to call them portraits of couples, as it is to portray the couple with their surroundings.


Three photos are enough for the wedding book, but you can decide to use much more.

Each pair has its own preferences in this regard and for this. I like the couple decide how long they want the session. Even in situations where the available time is very little, the wedding photographer is able to obtain the magnificent pair of portraits. In this regard I would like to suggest to split the session at various times: a first session during the day, if the sun is still high and you have access to the appropriate interior is better to start from there. Then when the sun is lower take a few minutes for an outdoor session and conclude with one final night session. This allows us to enjoy the various situations of the day and have some pictures that you can insert in the wedding album in different zones.
But let’s get to the sore spot, the poses. How to handle these fateful poses that very few couples, especially men, love. To obtain the optimal portraits is not absolutely necessary to lock the subject in a static pose. It is much better to give indications so you can find the best light and the best background and then let free the subjects of moving so emerges the spontaneity of expression. Even here it is very subjective, there are couples who are better if blocked posing, others as they move. One of the photographer’s skill is immediately understand which method is best to use.
Of course the couple portrait session during the day of the wedding, especially if it comes to a wedding with guests and not an elopement, is very different from a portrait session, such as engagement or a honeymoon, where you have very time available and the couple is not distracted by a succession of marriage events.
Whatever your preferences, the moment of the couple portraits is an experience to live with joy … those portraits will accompany you forever!
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