Jaque + Tommaso

Have you ever turned to a wedding photographer for a couple photo shoot? Did you know how many times I meet people who, in commending me for my work, tell me: if I’m going to get married I would definitely call you … This is assuming that there is no other possibility than wedding if you have a couple of photographs taken by the wedding photographer who you love!

Well, You might have it anyway, look at Jaque and Thomas, before their wedding they wanted to spend a relaxing time, a cuddle that will prepare them for their wedding. A gorgeous, sweet and delicious couple.

We chose the park of Rizzani of Pagnacco, a neighboring country in Udine for this shooting. The very helpful couple allowed me to work very relaxed.

I chose to take advantage of my wedding photojournalist skills for this portrait session. Rather than go in search of the technical shot, setting the set with lights and panels, I preferred to manage the natural light and leave the maximum freedom of expression to the couple.

Jaque and Thomas are a very in love couple and the light in their eyes is so beautiful that every shot is a picture.

I chose to adopt a mixed technique, digital for color and analog (film) for black and white. The black and white photographs that you will see below are negative scans taken on Ilford Fp4 plus125.

Why this choice? I can not give you a rational answer, it’s just an emotional, heartbeat. Analog photography is at digital photography as vinyl stands at MP3. Technical differences are only recognizable by experts but the aesthetic and emotional “feeling” is able to capture everyone.

For some time I’ve been devoting myself to the black and white analog photography. For a bit of nostalgia and for the pleasure that I get from it “matericity” I do not think it will replace digital that has become the new language of wedding photography but I’m sure it can still give a lot of emotions. To merge into a service the 2 languages ​​will surely be my future proposal.