It’s carnival

The Carnival of Venice is one of the most famous in the world and as a wedding photographer in Venice, especially destination wedding, I often see the Venetian masks. Sometimes as decoration in the fitting, more often used by guests or, perfectly worn by some participants.

The tradition of the Venetian Carnival has no boundaries and it is pleasant to feel immersed in the carnival atmosphere even in summer. Sure, it’s not the same thing can be present at one of the masked balls during the carnival week are organized in the most famous palaces of Venice. From Ca ‘Sagredo to Palazzo Pisani Moretta they organize very elegant masked balls and very traditional. The mask is a must and should be a mask of the Venetian tradition.

Venice never ceases to amaze to be loved … but let’s get back to the wedding and the theme of the carnival. It is not uncommon that the theme of the wedding are Venetian masks, I happened to see a party where all the guests showed up in costume. After the ceremony there was a pause in which all is changed, and we dived into the past, when those who now call the costumes were the clothes of lords and wealthy.

In many marriages is present or recalled Venetian mask, very elegant and stately, a small symbol for a great tradition.