It sounds like a magic

I have already spoken at other times of the printing and how important it is for the wedding photographer.

In the printing there is a lot to be able to say, you could keep just one blog on that. I have always lived phase of printing as something handmade and made with passion. That is why I brought the press into my office and I am committed to learn how to make more and better prints.

They may seem obsession from a wedding photographer, but the good print is not only a matter of aesthetics, the good print is also durability. The print quality is derived from good materials and by a good and patient calibration of the instruments. Although it works with digital technology, the color does not always look the same on all devices. This creates many headaches to the photographer who must constantly check their entire process, from capture to print.

Many years ago, when computers were not yet at the level of today, they gathered a group of the major manufacturers of equipment and software for graphics and photography and decided getting a standard in this regard.

The wedding photographer and married couples care very little of what are the technical things contained in a color profile, and what exactly do, we are interested that the photograph we see on the monitor is reproduced in print with the same colors.

And it is on this point that we have to spend much time with the calibrations. Especially the black and white are likely to have a “dominant” or not perfectly neutral; sometimes they take a light gray color rather annoying. Fortunately modern printers have solved this problem by introducing, in addition to black, various shades of gray (dark, medium, light, etc.) In this way, the nuances are not made by mixing the colors (cyan, yellow and magenta) but use only gray and black. Any printer which now has more than 8 colors it is capable of producing exceptional prints.

The printer I use for your album prints have 12 colors including 1 black and 4 grays. In addition to the blacks, they were included some colors are difficult to obtain by mixing the color. The red and dark blue, for example, or the green are colors that with the mixing does not make the best, for this reason they have been added. The printing performance and durability are unparalleled. Even printing machines very large and expensive envy the quality we can achieve.

Today I spent the day to print photographs of a marriage, and in the coming days will mount on the album of the couple. This is one of the things that makes me love my job. I do not think I would be just as excited if instead the printing of my works I did do by an external laboratory, I think I would lose a part of my identity as a wedding photographer and pleasure to do this job.