It is quite another thing …

One item that every wedding photographer pays much attention are the expressions! Especially since I started to fall in love of portrait photography expressions have become crucial.

As a wedding photographer in Venice and dedicated to the destination wedding I learned that expressions can change an image. The facial expression changes constantly, unconsciously move the muscles hundreds of times per minute, and so it is important, for the wedding photographer, pay close attention. Expression transforms a modest photo into a masterpiece and the committee responsible, also in this case, is half of the photographer who was able to take the right half of the photographed subject and it is the expression author.

Wanting to take such competitions, the judges pay much attention to the expression of the faces. But all this should not scare you, the best way to get portraits of the couple’s married with a beautiful expression is not to think, act spontaneously. It will be the wedding photographer to find the right moment to shoot without that you will have to worry about anything.

Today’s technology is much in handy. Today you can take a lot of photographs in sequence so we can then choose the still picture with the best expression or at least one where the expression makes you more beautiful

In this connection very often it feels accuse the modern digital photographer to take many photographs unlike the analogue photographer of many years ago that was taking a few photographs and immediately good.

In this regard, I promise to express myself in detail in another post, so I invite you to follow me if you are interested. For now I will only say that wedding photography has changed a lot in recent years, the level of quality required by married couples today is much higher than in the past so it was inevitable to change the way they work.

The search for the best expression is an activity that gives me a lot of satisfaction and the wedding day is very exciting.