It is Christmas

It’s almost here the end of this wonderful 2016. Superb from the point of view of my work as a wedding photographer and also as a personal and human growth. It is not the time to draw that most likely will do on December 31 but is to cards and the moral report. It was a memorable one year, I met new people, married couples from all corners of the world and opened new collaborations with colleagues and wedding planner. I must say I was really lucky, I worked hard and faced new difficulties but it is all gone in the best way and I am sure of living a very good moment in my career. I hope to continue riding this wave and surf these waters for a long time.

I know it will not be easy to repeat and improve that will be even more difficult but it is right to try and I’ll put all the effort possible to give everyone even more than they did so far.

Well, I can only thank everyone, even those who are just casually landed on the pages of this blog and wish to spend a wonderful Christmas with your families or those who prefer, provided they are of joy and serenity!

You again before year-end with the best wishes for the new year.