Intimate or public? Which is your preferred?

One of the most important choice that the bride and groom have to take, is whether to do an intimate or public marriage. Invite all the relatives and friends, or to celebrate in solitude?

You will not find the answer in this post, but as a wedding photographer in Venice, I seen both situations and I want to talk about what differences relate to the photo shoot.

A public marriage is the story of a day in which in addition to the bride and groom, all guests are immortalized during the day. A story that speaks of joy and friendship, enclosing smiles and expressions. Many different situations, from the preparations to the party, bring consequently a considerable amount of dynamic images. The time to devote to the portraits will inevitably be reduced to a minimum since the time that the couple go with their guest, on that day, is of immense value.

In contrast, an intimate wedding has only 2 people (or almost) as subjects. All the wedding format is very different, our friends and family can share the joy only through the pictures. That’s why the wedding photographer becomes very important: in this situation I will be the eyes of your friends and relatives. I tell your marriage by focusing on what you live and the joy of a wedding in Italy. There will not photographs when you smile with your friends but the ones you smile for the joy of your love and that will thrill your friends. In addition to the ceremony, which remains the most important thing, the rest of the time will be a photo shooting. We will have time to make a great session of portraits in which, besides the beauty and happiness of the day, be able to tell something about you.

It is important to choose a wedding photographer in both situations, since it has the responsibility to create a book that will stay with you for life, but especially in an intimate wedding. He must be able to understand you and have the experience and technical capability , not only to make photos, but also to guide you for come out at your best.

If you are interested in a single or couple portrait session, please contact me, I will be happy to put at your disposal.