Instagram, facebook and other social networks

Needless to say, today the work of the wedding photographer also goes through all of these tools. I remember with romantic nostalgia the times when there was no internet and communication was completely different and absolutely slower.

Luckily the world goes on and how pleasant memories are, today we have outstanding instruments available. Today there are social networks. Most used by wedding photographers are undoubtedly Facebook and Instagram.

How are they used? Like everything, each one makes his choice and the methods are different. Many colleagues have been able to develop a publishing method that allows them to reach their potential customers. These photographers are able to make themselves known first from social networks that from the website. I can not tell you how to do this but I find it very interesting. It’s a quick way to get in touch and talk informally and quickly.

This thing, except in rare cases, I did not succeed in implementing it. For me the social network is more than the additional galleries. They are virtual places where I can be active and I can show you the latest work. It’s a powerful and incredibly fast tool.

The couple of future spouses who have already seen my website and maybe even had the chance to meet me through this blog, then have the opportunity to continue to follow me and get to know me more thoroughly through the Facebook page and Instagram.

Always with the same idea we can post our pictures on other platforms: I like Pinterest very much, it’s great inspiration. Finally My wed, a platform dedicated to the wedding photographer on which you can share large volumes of images and once a year an international contest is organized.

Many things that help us stay in touch but above all satisfy the pleasure of publishing our images.