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The portrait of couple: in Venice is different!

When it comes to portrait of couple tied the wedding photographer in Venice you immediately think the poses and the classic wedding pictures that stand out on the landscape of this beautiful city!

Let’s step back and try to understand what is a portrait of a couple, as it can be interpreted and dissolve the stereotypes associated with wedding photography in Venice.

The portrait of couple can be interpreted in various solutions. The classical poses are almost completely gone. There is still someone who loves them giving its the aspect the 90s to his photographs also in photo retouching, with digital facelift that makes brides polished up like dolls. But they are very few and less and less in demand.

Today the portrait and the portrait of couple is interpreted in a much more cinematic. The couple is no longer required a static poses and those boring sessions that almost all we heard. Today the couple’s portrait is understood, by most, as a time when follow your photographer but not to stand still motionless, create movements that allow us to get expressions and spontaneous gestures. So no more wax figures but dynamic still images.

The title suggests that in Venice things to be different. And it’s true. The wedding photographer in Venice, due to the architecture and the shape of the city has many advantages but must give up something. It must give up the scenic greenery and / or the hills, as it is possible to do in Friuli and Tuscany.

By contrast, however, it has in many views available, narrow streets and bridges from which to draw inspiration and exploit them for the management of the light and of the couple.

The alternation of narrow streets and wide squares (fields) allows you to find variety. Finally waterways, whether you choose the gondola or wooden taxi, we will be able to portray the couple immersed in the beauty of the Venetian palaces.

In Venice, the pictures are different, not as an interpretation but for the endless creative possibilities! Who would not want a “movie” of his marriage was shot in Venice?