The first dance

I will not liner to talk about the traditions linked to the first dance but only of what from the point of view of a wedding photographer, I happened to see.

The first dance is one of the most waited moments but one of the less said about the wedding. The dance, with all its symbols and gestures is a very sweet moment and, even if shared with all the guests, very intimate for the couple who is celebrating their marriage.

I was lucky enough to photograph different types of “first dance”. From that very prepared to that very offhand and all have left me something pleasant and exciting … It is never a simple gesture, a performance, there is always something more in that first dance. It is as if at that time the couple found a way to express love to each other.

Photographically the moment is very attractive. Often there are bright scenes very interesting and even when the moment is very simple, thanks to the pathos of the moment the picture is very interesting. I like to find recovery solutions and special lighting for the moment. Be able to give the right importance and bring those emotions in photography is always a great challenge that I want to win … And your first dance will be like?x\reception_0025_1200reception_0014_1200 wedding Photographer_4reception_0043_1200 wedding_photographer_udine_028 Luxury_wedding_Venice_025 R&A_2000_1280 wedding_photographer_paris_0019