The movement

When it comes to wedding photography it has often led to believe the photographs posing! Of course, the wedding photographer is pigeonholed into that kind photo … as now things are markedly different.

Today a wedding photographer is more like a film director and a journalist.

A journalist because he is always attentive to every little situation that can happen. From the preparations to the ceremony, from the buffet to dances every situation is immortalized and played in the most exciting way possible.

A film director during the portraits session. No more long moments of laying holding your breath but scenes from movies. Studying the picture to get natural-looking images.

The movement is critical in wedding photography today. Every gesture, every step can be a source of inspiration for great pictures. The wedding photographer, unlike what was once, follows the entire wedding and takes everything that happens. It is not unusual to take thousands of photographs during the event.

Until a few years ago the wedding was photographed essentially posing for a short time. Portraits at the bride’s house, some pictures in the church, couple’s portraits and cake cutting. This was the classical scheme. The reason is basically two factors. The first is technical. The films and the cameras of the time did not allow to make dynamic photographs. This was introduced in the late 90s with autofocus and super-automatic cameras though still film. These cameras gave a somewhat dirtier than medium format classic yet allowed to be fast.

Today, digital technology has brought us both to break down barriers. The quality is far superior to an analog medium format camera and is much faster than an automatic analog 35mm camera.

So now we have the tools that allow us to capture movement. Here’s marriage began to be interpreted in different ways and the wedding photographer has had to evolve significantly. From “painter” he become “director”.

Even in low light and moving subjects situations, see the dances, the photographer must be able to capture great images.

Without the effects generated by the movement of the photo shoot today would be very different, it would look like to the services of the past and certainly the wedding photographer would have far fewer opportunities to have fun and to highlight his skills!