The wedding photographer’s marketing

How much effort does a wedding photographer need to reach his potential customers? Much! For wedding couples it is not so easy to distinguish between the myriad of proposals that can be found on the internet and the web is the preferred channel by the wedding photographer.

Over time I was fortunate enough to understand some of the mechanisms that allowed me to bring my proposals to a smaller number of future spouses but much more interested in my proposals.

Each wedding photographer has its own niche market. It is not possible to like everyone, photography is an art form applied to an important event such as marriage, so it is crucial to communicate with the right people.

For this reason the marketing word applied to the wedding photographer finds out of place. Making marketing means using persuasion techniques to convince the customer to buy our product even if they do not want it. Do you really want this kind of customer?

Not me! I do not care to work like that. Pleasure born when you meet someone like you and you are on the same wavelength. When we meet similar people with the same tastes and with our own visions we are better. So why not develop this even on the work?

To do this I chose to talk a lot about my work through this blog and sharing what I do on social networks.

What I can say about my way of communicating is that I never think: I say this or talk about this because I will get this kind of conversion or I will convince many more people. No, I’m talking about how I like to do things and thus getting to the person to whom this way of doing it! Very easy.

The bigger work the wedding photographer has to do, is to understand himself. Find out his skills and tastes then point it all on these and tell them to people who like to be listening to them.

There are some techniques to do this, I have already been helping some colleagues and these have benefited greatly! I’m not a marketing advisor, I’m just a photographer who has managed to figure out some things …