Ideas for a Romantic wedding


A common thread running through many of the photo galleries built as a wedding photographer in Venice is the romance, magic ingredient that you breathe from the ceremony to the banquet.

In this post we wanted to bring some ideas to the organization of a wedding with the scent of romance. There are two basic rules to get a romantic wedding: the use of soft colors like white and pastel colors and the choice of delicate items.

You can accomplish this easily, simply choose carefully the designer of your floral decorations, from the bride’s bouquet to the centerpieces for the banquet. The flowers can also find space in a soft hairstyle of the bride or on the wedding cake.

Choose carefully the color combinations let you be adviced by a professional so that the result is as consistent as possible.

As for the tissues evaluated what is best for you, I think, soft and flowing raving about, this referring to wedding gowns.

Even all the hanging elements create a delicate atmosphere, representing special light and almost impalpable. Think of candles hanging from the ceiling, creating a sort of starry sky above the couple and their guests. Also they can hang from the top of the floral decorations to recreate an enchanted forest effect.

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