I like…

Who knows how many times you have heard me say, or may have read, that I like to finish the photo-service from the wedding with an album. Of course, it is part of the job of a wedding photographer and in this article you can also read a small treatise on the subject. But the key thing that the album or photo book allows me to do is tell a story. Producing a sequence of images that joined together tell a day of celebration and unique emotions.

The moment I start to make the selection of images to the album I immerse myself again in your history, I go back to being part of a very important event of your life. At this point the photographs are not simple images but paragraphs of a story. and the photographer becomes a storyteller.

Just like a story, even the album needs a pattern made of his rhythm, pauses, filming, live and rest until the end. Each image has many constraints, not only the history of the day but also the stylistic link to the previous picture and the next, the images communicate with each other and it’s wonderful when this “conversation” goes smoothly. It is an exciting phase of my work, which I love very much. Think how make pairs and decide the post production require several hours but are hours that pass without weighing.

There are also differences between traditional and photo book albums but they are minimal. A good paginated can run on both albums, the photo book allows a little more freedom on the size photograph and cuts it to be pleasant, these freedoms is best to use sparingly.