How would you prefer?

The retouching photos of the bride, for wedding photographer is a subject similar to politics: galvanizes the soul.

Regarding the remodeling of facial skin there are conflicting currents of thought. There are purists who do not accept any kind of retouching, then there are those who love the plastic skins as in the 90s, in the middle there are many facets.

Among the purists, however, it must be said that sometimes the type of postproduction adopted worsens the reality the faces are ugliest. Here perhaps these would I dare to suggest something to review. Always with the utmost respect, of course, because every professional follows a line that has found on the basis of a path.

My idea in this is born in time, with the experience of many marriages and many, many experiments. First it must be said that if you watch a live person does not notice all the details of its skin as it shows us the photograph. Since the photograph is a still picture, the eye has time to look much more carefully. That’s why touching up photos, I think needs to be done: to do justice to the beauty of women and brides in particular.

The type of editing I like to do is very light, removes blemishes but leaves skin weft, homogenizes the colors, such as make up, but it distorts. To make a face consistent with what our memory recalls we lose a bit of time on Photoshop®. It is part of the wedding photographer’s work, it does not scare me the amount of hours I will work to get the results that I have set. The images that come out of my study I want to be a certain level! This is the reason why I am not committed to more than a certain number of weddings a year, I need my time to be able to deliver.

Many colleagues will disagree with my point of view but it is mine. To increase the numbers should need someone who is able to do photo retouching and post production in general. Unfortunately I’m not yet ready to entrust my work, I still need to personally follow all the phases of the service, from capture to print … I’m a craftsman!

Prima – Before
Dopo – After