Generation Vintage

Because in the digital age where everything moves fast and the race to the object most innovative digital wedding photographer asks for a vintage-style service?

I started writing this article without having the answer at this question then of making you write jet share my thoughts.

It is true that we are in a very new but is also projected to the decadent era. The “new” is not really new but only a remake of the old or vintage as we usually hear.

The furniture in Shabby chic style, the Instagram filters, countless musical cover show a low tendency to find new ideas and to find something to bring you look for inspiration in the past.

Here you see this constant references to the past, which I find enjoyable, I am not describing them in a negative way, they have created a new taste which is now part of our comfort zones.

Italy then is the nation that more than any other has preserved the historical and artistic heritage. So we Italians are always immersed in the past, it is part of our present.

That’s why we really like the vintage style.

One question that I always did, about the wedding photography is, why imitate the images of the past, through the use of photo retouching and editing you not want to give that flavor? Would not it be better, for those who love the pictures of the past, bring the analog photo service? That is tripped with film cameras?

Today the photo shoot has changed considerably and offer service to 100% analogue perhaps makes little sense, it risks losing what today makes a difference. For this reason I have decided to offer a photographic mixed service. Only couples who wish, in addition to digital photographs also propose a series of analog photographs, taken in film and developed according to the techniques of the time. Here’s the Vintage is not just an effect or a particular filter, but it tastes quite real!

These pictures are taken on film Ilford Fp4 and Alford HP5