Wedding Photographer on Garda’s Lake


Wedding at Garda’s lake: Glauco Comoretto your photographer

Wedding photographer on Garda’s Lake? Glauco Comoretto is your man! The feeling developed in photojournalism  become wedding pictures that fusing the magical moments of that wonderful day with the charme of nature – between olive groves, vineyards and citrus gardens reflected in waters of Garda’s lake – and villages and castles where the past history breathes with every step.

With my experience of wedding photographer i suggest you:

  • keep attention at the awesome ambiental frame
  • Use the photojournalism style also in ceremony and reception, fixing the spontaneity of protagonists. With a discreet photographer, not  distinguishable form guests because he can make shoots real and exciting
  • use max 30 minutes for portraits of the couple, because the spouses can enjoy with their guests.
  • choose a whole day service for have all moment unforgettable.
  • receive all pictures of the wedding in high and low resolution. 
  • get certainties with delivery times.

I guarantee all this things. For keep a good quality of my services I don’t engage a lot of services, will yours one of these?


Look the images of others that had chosen Glauco Comoretto for their wedding on Garda’s lake


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