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Wedding Photographer 3.0: how you deliver the photographs?

That’s one of the questions I always do to spouses: as you want me to deliver the images?

An album of photographs printed would be the obvious answer, but it is the least frequent. Even those who want an album with printed photographs is not content with this, they also wants digital delivery.

Most customers now asks only digital delivery and it is on this aspect that I would like to talk.

Do we not have spoken many times of the difficulties in the preservation of digital images and the high risk of losing them?

The wedding photographer invest a lot of money each year for its digital archive, to be sure not to miss anything even if errors or failures. Today we take photographs with digital cameras that store images on two cards simultaneously. To increase security, when download pictures on the computer, the photographer saves everything at least on 4 different media.

So digital delivery, which is so required, it is also the least secure? One might say yes, but we take account of technological developments. Three years ago I delivered the high-resolution digital images on DVD. When I delivered this support I recommended to check its proper functioning and arrange for making backups because the support was really very delicate. But I can imagine what suffered DVDs in transportation and how high was the risk of breakage.

We then moved on to USB sticks, a bit safer but still at risk of breakage and / or loss. This phase is very short lived since they arrived cloud services to everyone.

With cloud service today can deliver by uploading high-resolution images on an Internet space reserved. This space is only accessible by anyone with the link, and is not detectable by search via the search engines. In addition, the cloud, you can download images for a printed handout or for any other use, but the most interesting thing is that the cloud is not just a container of images but also a secure backup, always available and inexhaustible.

Today we can deliver all without expectations and complications with the couriers. For lovers printed album we can deliver, again via the cloud, the layout of the album so that the couple can apply to a laboratory near their home for printing and the selection of covers and packaging.

They are tools that liberate the photographer, help couples to choose the professional you prefer for technical and creative skills. We are no longer bound by the prints and albums – with their massive delivery problems and now are relegated to “frame” of services – we can work free from the constraints and boundaries … from now on we will be able to photograph marriage anywhere in the world and deliver pictures from wherever we are … this is wedding photographer 3.0, a world wide wedding photographer!