The charm of Venetian gondola… a Venetian experience …

Who has not dreamed of a romantic  gondola ride in Venice? A wedding photographer in Venice often receive requests for shootings on the gondola ride from couples who marry, get engaged or spend their honeymoon here. The Charm of this historical boat, which even today is built according to the rules of tradition and brings lot of culture, is irresistible to anyone, Venetians, from other Italian cities or foreign. How many photographs taken have been to or from gondolas? Impossible to answer. Today though, I would talk about my experience of a wedding photographer in Venice to make you note some things that could improve your experience.

More frequent demand is accompany the couple during the tour and shoot photos. In this case we will get some good photos of the couple with the background from the canals of Venice views; not bad but all things have a downside: with this choice we take all photos from the same position (on gondola you can not move) and the gondolier often “obscure” the view. This solution also removes a bit ‘of “romance” at your moment. Imagine a gondola ride you alone and try to imagine it with a photographer and his assistant at 1 meter and a half from you that take pictures continuously. For this I recommend, in case you want some images on the gondola, propose at the gondolier to climb the photographer on gondola for the first 10 minutes, then he get down and take a few photos from a bridge under you will pass and then you enjoy the experience from gondola alone. The magic of Venice is in all its experience.

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