Photo sessions in Venice: such trouble?

Venice, for a wedding photographer in Venice, is a formidable set, on every corner you can find fantastic views and sources of inspiration. You can wander through the narrow streets and find historical buildings, porches, bridges, waterways, you can approach the Grancanal and exploit the wide spaces of Piazza San Marco. But what are the pitfalls that hides working in Venice?

The first difficulty you see in Venice are transport. Usually for a photo tour you need to move a lot and if you do not have a taxi, it is essential to obtain the proper shoes to walk. But the photos are better with elegant shoes; however, are also the least comfortable … that materializes the need to bring a change.

Another difficulty I seen during couple sessions, especially engagements, honeymoons and trash the dress is the woman’s purse; essential element to be able to bring their own need but just as ugly to look in the photographs. This situation I’ve often resolve it with the help of assistant, who, however, if it makes the aide can not help me with the panels and various lights. How to solve it? My advice is to have a friend or a second server that face the practical functions, in this way increases the comfort of the session and also the image quality.

Finally, a situation that can be solved by letting recommend is the choice of the day for the shooting (I do not speak of marriage but of the other sessions) and above all the time. There are days when Venice is much more crowded than usual and times of day when the light is better. The wedding photographer in Venice is able to give you directions to also solve this problem.

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