And when you travel?

Making the wedding photographer in Venice is relatively simple. It’s true that moving between thin streets and canals is not always easy and there is always a lot to boot but it is also true that I can carry my backpack with all the equipment I need and possibly divide it with the assistant.

What’s a bit different when the destination wedding is elsewhere. I’m talking about the destination wedding but the one where the photographer has to move. I had experiences in France, especially in Paris but also in the Loire castles.

The difficulty in that case is the limits set by the airlines for flights. There are weight and size restrictions for hand luggage. And photographic equipment should never be away from the photographer. In storage, no one ever dreams of putting so delicate equipment.

So how do you travel? First of all, before leaving, you should have a briefing with the spouses or the wedding planner to understand exactly how to develop the photo service in order to bring only the equipment strictly necessary. This can greatly reduce the weights.

Then there are photographic equipment backpacks specifically designed for air travel, they have the dimensions to pass the controls. Inside the backpack, we will also have to try to put in the personal effects that could be used during the flight.

Last thing, when I’m on the go, backup is always semi-sure. As we use dual cards on the camera and save all the data on our computer, the risk is always high as the data is always close to each other. Let’s face extreme and unpleasant situations: theft of the backpack after shooting. In this case we will have lost some tens of thousands of euros in equipment and all photos of the wedding photography service.

For extreme security and caution, I’m worried about purchasing a fast and secure connection to the hotel where I’ll stay overnight so I can upload all the images on the cloud and so avoid any further risk!

I love so much traveling and being able to combine the work I love with the passion for travel is a dream I am trying to cultivate … I hope you are so many to want my services all over the world!